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Resources and programmes for ordinary women

A Century of Women

‘A Century of Women’ is an excellent online resource for women who want to find out more about women’s contributions to our social, economic, cultural and political life in one small region.

It is a collaborative venture by WOMEN’STEC and Reclaim the Agenda.

Raise Your Voice

Raise Your Voice against Sexual Harassment is a collective project of many organisations to tackle sexual harassment and sexual violence across Northern Ireland, offering workshops on topics such as Bystander Intervention, Consent, Online / Digital Harassment, What is Sexual Harassment, and Allyship.

The goal is to create true cultural change in order to tackle the root causes of these behaviours and empower people to act to change this in their own lives.

We Women Want and Demand: A Future that Works for Women (A leaflet for change)

This leaflet pulls together women’s voices and their vision for the future. Women and girls in Northern Ireland want to see a sustainable, peaceful society. They want a society that works for them, but above all, they want a society that supports them and their families, and allows young people and future generations to lead lives they are free to choose and shape as they wish.

Phenomenal Women: A Decade of Action

This book is about a group of women activists who came together in 2010 within the context of looming welfare reform and cuts in funding to women’s centres to build a united campaign to mark the Centenary of International Women’s Day 2011. Those women agreed six key principles on which to base the campaign and unite the sector behind it.

What transpired in the last ten years is documented here by those activists and it is the first fully comprehensive, accessible account of women’s struggle for these basic rights against a back-drop of the misogynistic male-dominated institutions of state and society. It maps the early days of Reclaim the Agenda.

Women's Manifesto for Local Councils

When the Executive collapsed in February 2022, the women’s sector lost an important arena for influencing policy and lobbying on gender equality issues. In the absence of an Executive, local councils play an even more important role in helping us to advance gender equality in Northern Ireland. Local councils have the potential to be a key driver of positive change and to set an example for how elected officials can use their power to support disadvantaged groups.

This Women’s Manifesto lays out how local councils can support women in communities during a rapidly worsening cost of living crisis and help the women’s sector make gender equality a reality in Northern Ireland. The WPG are keen to engage with local councils and support them in implementing these recommendations.

Women Breaking Barriers NI

Women Breaking Barriers NI is and opportunity for training and education for women in Northern Ireland wishing to expand their horizons and opportunities. The programme aims to equip women with skills, awareness and training in new and exciting relevant employment areas.

Women's Platform Resources

Women’s Platform has published some of their policy responses to consultations as well as other key documents. They are really useful summaries of Human Rights Based policy recommendations for Northern Ireland specific issues for women and girls.

Women's Platform Resources