Charmain Jones - Women’s Spaces Co-ordinator

The importance of giving a voice to rural women in NI

Published: November 24, 2022

Charmain’s interview was one of many to local and regional press along with a number of radio stations prior to the launch event to raise the profile and awareness of the project and to encourage women from across NI to engage with this new initiative.

“The whole concept of the project is really to try and get women’s voices engaged and listened to and represented at tables of all different types of decision makers, whether that’s in the community level, at a civic level, at a statutory or government level or at a wider level,” explains Charmain.

“The whole project is really about trying to build equality for women’s voices and that all the decisions that are being made for women include women at the table.

“We’re trying to make sure that it’s local women themselves who will be able to advocate for themselves.”

You have to constantly drive yourself as a woman to try and encourage other women to not feel hopeless.

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