Introducing Women’s Spaces

Published: October 6, 2022

The project will help build women’s skills and share the tools needed for women to effectively engage in peacebuilding, community development, public, civic, and political life. The project aims to create new opportunities for women of all backgrounds to share their diverse stories, helping to shape future work and a future for Northern Ireland. Over the three years there will be a diverse range of activities programmes training and events (both online and face to face) of which individual women and women’s groups can engage in.

Strengthening Women’s Role in Peacebuilding

This 3-year regional programme funded through the Department of Foreign Affairs, is delivered regionally through a Consortium partnership of four organisations, Northern Ireland Rural Women’s Network, Women’s Support Network, Women’s Platform and Women’s Resource and Development Agency.

Contact information

Charmain Jones – Women’s Spaces Co-ordinator (Rural)
Telephone: 028 8675 8655

Sarah Stack – Women’s Spaces Co-ordinator (Urban)
Telephone: 028 9023 0212