Agreement +25: Have Your Say?

Note: Registration has closed
Event Date(s): Wed, 22nd March, Sat 29th March, and Thurs 27th April.
Event Type: Hybrid Event
Event Venue: Zoom and The Lyric Belfast

Women’s Spaces invited 35 women to a 3-session programme as we approached the 25th anniversary of the Good Friday / Belfast Agreement.

As women, it’s important that we explore our journey to peace, the role we played and continue to play in sustaining and building peace; but also that give and take space to discuss and reflect where we are today.

Women joined 2 online zoom sessions facilitated by Avila Kilmurray of Social Change Initiative and received an invite to the Lyric Theatre, Belfast to see the play “Agreement”.

  1. Peacebuilding – Session 1 by Avila Kilmurray, Social Change Initiative
  2. “Agreement” – Session 2 at The Lyric Belfast
  3. Reconciliation – Session 3 by Avila Kilmurray, Social Change Initiative

The sessions by Avila were recorded and will be available by request soon as well as the slides.

B/GFA event invitations

Additionally, women received invitations to the following events:

  • NI Women’s Coalition 25 year reunion – 25 years of the Good Friday Agreement on 10th April in the Dinosaur Room of the Ulster Museum
  • Launch of Memento-Agreement by Amanda Dunsmore at Ulster University on 17th April 2023.

Participants at B/GFA events